%DES%. Big Set Molds To Create Cupcake Stamps Biscuits Confectionery

Big Set Molds To Create Cupcake Stamps  Biscuits Confectionery

Set do – it – yourselfer to create stamps with thumbnails of modeling dough, made ​​in Japan by Kutsuwa

Set do- it-yourselfer to create stamps with cupcake, cookies, cakes, cherries, strawberries and many others, not edible.
The dough is a special clay which allows to create the stamps, th…


%DES%. Haba – Crealini Creative Set Stamps

DescriptionCreative set stamps Haba 5555 The models invite you to stamp, paint and attack. So you can easily create beautiful postcards or photos. If you want you can also search and print envelopes adequate. Especially the grandparents will be happy with this post. Content: Block with 25…